Under build Construction Services


The Red Square Group Spain in-house team undertake all the building works required to convert your underbuild into useable and livable space!

More and more home owners in Spain are deciding to alter their existing property to add more space rather than going to the expense of selling an existing property and buying a new one.

We offer our services throughout the Costa Calida and Costa Blanca.

Why not give us a call and speak to one of our experts for a free consultation on your project?


Below outlines some of the initial things to consider when planning an Under Build Project.

• Is there sufficient Head height, or will the floor need to excavated?

• Is there sufficient Light, or can we make additional windows on the external walls?

• Is there access from outside to create some steps / stairs and a an access door?

• Does it seem excessively damp? (Under-builds are by nature almost always damp and walls should be tanked as a matter of course to improve their durability and preserve the finish. )

• Do you have a rough idea of a floorplan?

• Is there good access to the proposed apartment or space? Will it be separate and private from the main house?

If you are thinking about having your under-build converted you should consider giving us a call. We are happy to provide advice and quotation with no obligation.


Before we start excavation, the construction planning begins. Our under-build team have worked on countless projects throughout the Costa Calida & Costa Blanca in Spain and will put that expertise to work right at the very start of the project. When we hear your vision for the perfect underbuild the process begins.

The Red Square Group Spain Team is with you every step of the way, from the moment our team show up and start work to the day you get to stand inside your new under build property extension, you know that our team is always there if you need anything.

Contact us for more information about under-builds throughout the Costa Calida & Costa Blanca in Spain.